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WiSys Venture Home

WiSys Venture Home has assisted in being one of Idea Hubs main partners for many years. 

Huff Family Innovation Center

The Huff Family innovation center helps fuel the entrepreneurial spirit of southeastern Wisconsin by providing a space for all innovators to expand their ideas into prototypes.

Grant County

Grant County has been a crucial partner to Idea Hub's success at advertising and setting up events. Their outreach to the community has been a parallel influence on the success of our new programs and events.


Prosperity Southwest

Prosperity Southwest has been a great influence to the community and assisted our startups in finding space to start their small business journeys.


U.W. Platteville

UW Platteville has been a great partner in getting students and faculty involved in the development of the Idea Hub. They are a resource that has also assisted in the advertising and communication related to all of our events.


Southwest Regional Planning Commission

Southwest Regional Planning Commission assists new small businesses in finding a landing place for success.


Platteville Incubator

The incubator is a landing place for new business owners to run their business and assist in the distribution of their products.

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